Staco Roosters
Grating Technology

Architectural gratings

Platform gratings

Platform gratings consist of robust type rr or rh pressed gratings, onto which wooden or plastic elements are mounted.

Glass-filled gratings

Any required Staco quality grating or tread of types rr, rh or rK can be filled up with a plastic ‘glass’ inlay.

ArtDECK gratings

Unusual architectural objects can be given an entirely unique character with the patented Artdeck®.

Curved gratings

Form follows function. Based on this principle, Staco products provide versatile innovations for prestigious architectural objects.

Louvre gratings

These gratings are made up of louvres, with the bearing bars fitted at an angle of either 30° or 45°.

Aero-Design louvre gratings

Architecturally decorative. top quality and expertise characterise the staco redman products.

Aero-Design louvre gratings with photo image

Staco aluminium Aero-Design grating can now be supplied with your own personal style from photographs to company logo.

STACO Triglo

STACO Triglo is a triangular grating product, which by positioning, colour and combination with other gratings / products offers the architect a range of new applications, products and combinations.

Heat Reducing Powder Coating

Through a special coat technique, STACO makes it possible to have an adverse-effect on heat absorption...

Glow in the Dark rubber bungs

The complete Staco Perfo range of grating & stair treads type AP DOP is now available with Glow in the Dark rubber bungs.

Balcony and partition fences

Creativity cannot be standardized. straight or curved, with variations in the height of the bearing bars and the mesh size, galvanized or powder coated in any rAl colour you require.

Full gratings

This type of grating is fitted with identical bars in both directions according to the so-called full grating principle.

Stair treads

Corresponding gratings steps are available for all RR/RH types.

Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs are a perfect solution when you require a staircase in a confined or limited space where a conventional staircase is not possible.

Anti slip classification to BG page BGR 181>>>

Strength analysis

uniform load and point load

Air circulation calculation

air circulation for louvre gratings